Are you planning a fundraiser or other type of event that needs a face painter to wow the crowds? Peekaboo Faces is dedicated to giving back to our community by donating our time throughout the year. We set aside time for a certain amount of events that we will pick upon evaluation.

In order to qualify, you must be able to provide proof that you are a non-profit organization.  Peekaboo Faces will review all inquiries, and choose the events for the year to paint at to which we will donate our services.

Should your event not become selected, (perhaps you are not non-profit, or we have already been booked up with other volunteer gigs, etc.), do not give up hope! You can still have Peekaboo Faces paint at your event by acquiring a sponsor! Many local businesses (such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops, realtors, doctors, etc.) are happy to sponsor an event, in exchange for free advertising.


In the case that you locate a sponsor to cover our expenses, we will offer them a special discount to help them afford numerous hours of face painting that will make the crowds cheer! 



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