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Glitter Tattoos Lafayette LA
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Glitter & Metallic Tattoos


There are various methods to remove products depending on the products used.  


Glitter/Metallic Tattoo Removal

These tattoos are waterproof and with normal wear, they last between 3 to 5 days.  As they become less crisp, you may wish to remove them completely.  Use a cotton swab with baby oil and gently glide the oil over the tattoo until all glitter and glue has been lifted.  Avoid rubbing tattoo with a face cloth, as this can push the glitter into the skin and cause redness and scratching..

Sparkly and shiny tattoos that are designed to last 3-5 days!


Glitter and metallic tattoos come in a large variety of styles, sizes and colors. We have over 25 different colors of glitter making it possible to do anything your heart desires, including rainbow designs.

Glitter and metallic tattoos are a great addition to parties. Even pool parties since glitter or metallic tattoos are water resistant. With proper care, your glitter or metallic tattoo can last up to a week even after having fun playing in the pool


1 hour Minimum - $125

2 Hours $165

$75 each additional hr after 2 hrs

Corporate - 2 hr min.- $150 per/hr

Discounts available for 4+ hours

When you book Peekaboo Faces, you are booking professional, fully insured artists.

Glitter Tattoos Lafayette LA
Glitter Tattoos Lafayette, LA